IAN CONCESSIO, is a singing sensation, a musician to the core, a performer par excellence!

Born into a musical family, Ian has been a leading performer in the music business for the last 36 years. He started out as a guitarist in the band founded by his father, Maurice Concessio before establishing an identity for himself in the Western Non-classical Music space.

Ian performs as a Guitarist, Trombonist and Vocalist, and also programs some of his tracks on the keyboard. He often does studio recordings as a Vocalist, Guitarist & Trombonist.

Ian is proficient in all genres of music, from pop to light jazz, country music, Konkani, Portuguese, Latin, Spanish etc. catering to diverse tastes. Instrumental Music is also another option.

DEBBIE CONCESSIO, has music in her blood!

Debbie started learning music at an early age from her mother, Enid Alvares, a well known classical pianist in Thane. Winning singing contests, including interschool competitions from the age of 5, she has won recognition for her golden voice.

Thereafter, Debbie enthralled audiences while singing in several bands and hotels all over Bombay.

She then married Ian Concessio and crooned for his father's band, Maurice Concessio's Rock Sensation. Debbie continues her musical career, performing with Ian for concerts and shows at leading hotels, restaurants, clubs and private parties.